August 2019   
Adult Religious Education



  (Tuesdays) Beginning August 13, 2019

REAL SUFFERING:  Finding Hope & Healing in the Trials of Life

Saint Benedict Press' program REAL SUFFERING: Finding Hope & Healing in the Trials of Life  is a four-session study including an Introduction to the Three Types of Suffering - Physical Pain, Emotional Loss and Spiritual Guilt.  Three personal profiles are presented.  Each of these moving profiles will illustrate extreme examples of these sufferings and the subsequent release.  REAL SUFFERING is presented with two videos per session, the Teaching Lesson and the Suffering Profile.  The teaching lessons, hosted by Dr. Bob Schuchts (considered the premiere Catholic expert on suffering and healing) were filmed in St. Benedict Press' studio, whole the Suffering Profiles were filmed in the hometowns of each individual.  Seeing these people live out their vocations, no matter the challenges and suffering that they experienced, will provide hope and inspiration to others to live out their own vocations, accept their own suffering, to help find healing in sharing that pain with our Lord.

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